Secrets of Quality Raters Revealed by Cyrus Shepard

Behind the scenes of the work of Google Quality Raters revealed by an ex-employee

Ex-Google Quality Rater’s Experience Reveals Secrets of Working Behind the Scenes

A former Google Quality Rater, Cyrus Shepard, recently shared his experience after working for Appen, a company contracted by Google. Unfortunately, the termination of the contract between Google and Appen ended his employment. However, he decided to answer questions from Internet users about his work as a Quality Rater. Here’s what to remember from his experience.

The importance of website quality for Google

Thanks to Quality Raters evaluations and deep learning, Google is increasingly able to distinguish quality sites from “spammy” sites. Rapid response to Internet users is essential, as is improving the user experience. YMYL sites are treated differently, and according to Cyrus Shepard, the most subjective aspect is the quality of the main content.

Lessons learned from Cyrus Shepard’s experience

As a Quality Rater, Cyrus Shepard realized how subjective and human the assessment of “quality” is, and how Google attempts to replicate this assessment using deep learning. It also highlights the importance of user experience to highlight the expertise of a site. In addition, it addresses the issue of originality of content and the importance of user reviews on product pages.

Questions from Internet users about the work of Quality Raters

During his Q&A session on Twitter, Cyrus Shepard answered many questions about his work as a Quality Rater. He notably addressed the issue of evaluating the originality of content, the importance of user reviews and the most subjective aspect of its evaluation.

In conclusion, Cyrus Shepard’s experience as a Google Quality Rater shed light on the behind-the-scenes work of evaluating websites for the search engine. His teachings and answers to Internet users’ questions offer valuable insight into this often overlooked process.

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