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Google and Bing in the spotlight: the latest unofficial revelations

Behind the scenes at Google and Bing, information has been circulating informally in recent days. On the menu this week, clarifications on the crawl budget and the use of UTM parameters in URLs. Return to the statements of official Google spokespersons on various communication channels (Twitter, Hangouts, forums, conferences, etc.).

Budget crawl: myth or reality?

On Reddit, John Mueller questioned the concept of crawl budget, explaining that it is an invention of SEOs to justify the lack of crawling of certain sites. According to him, Google does not impose a crawl limit, but emphasizes that large platforms are often affected. If there is a crawl problem for a small site, this could mean that Google does not see the point in crawling more pages. Mueller also approved the combination of 301 redirects and 410 errors. Source: Search Engine Journal

UTM parameters: to disavow or not?

John Mueller stated that blocking URLs with UTM parameters does not impact crawling or ranking on Google Search. He recommends favoring clean, consistent URLs, using canonical tags to clean up random URL parameters. He suggests fixing the problem at the source rather than blocking them with the robots.txt file. Source: Search Engine Roundtable

In conclusion, even if Google does not set a crawl limit, other factors such as server response speed can play a role. Likewise, disavowing UTM parameters in URLs does not seem to impact SEO. An approach to keep in mind to optimize your online presence.

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