the future according to Sam Altman

OpenAI: Revolutionizing online search according to Sam Altman

In a recent interview, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, shared his bold vision for the future of online search. Unlike the idea of ​​creating an improved version of Google, Altman aspires to completely rethink the way users access information on the web.

An innovative approach to online research

Altman envisions a future where online search goes beyond the simple Google model to deliver a revolutionary user experience driven by trust. Rather than competing with Google on its own turf, OpenAI’s strategy aims to completely redefine the online search landscape.

A critique of Google’s advertising model

OpenAI’s CEO openly criticizes Google’s advertising-based business model, proposing an alternative that emphasizes information integrity. For Altman, it is essential to create an ad-free platform, valuing the authenticity and relevance of the information provided to users.

An experience centered on trust

Altman emphasizes the importance of user trust in an online search system. It aspires to a model where users know that their data is not exploited, thus strengthening the transparency and reliability of the platform offered by OpenAI.

Towards a reinvented search engine

Far from simply offering a list of classified web pages, Altman imagines a system where AI actively helps create, synthesize or direct people to the necessary information. This vision is similar to Google’s EMS, but without ads, providing a richer, personalized and intuitive experience for users.

Sam Altman’s comments highlight an ambition to fundamentally rethink the way we access information online. This bold vision asks questions about the future of online search and how artificial intelligence technologies can transform our interactions on the web.

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