Google revolutionizes shopping filters with DMA!

Google adapts its shopping search results to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act. Two new filters, Products and Product Sites, have been introduced to improve the visibility of e-retailers. The American firm has submitted a detailed report to the European Commission to prove the changes made, in order to comply with the requirements of the DMA. These adjustments aim to provide a more transparent search experience that complies with the rules in force in the European Economic Area.

Adaptation of shopping to the DMA

Google recently implemented changes to its search results in Europe to comply with the EU Digital Markets Act. Users have noticed the appearance of two new filters, Products and Product Sites, which allow better selection and presentation of search results. These changes aim to provide a smoother and more relevant experience for users, while meeting DMA requirements.

Compliance report for the DMA

To ensure compliance with DMA guidelines, Google has submitted a detailed compliance report to the European Commission. This report, covering a specific period, highlights the various modifications made by the company to comply with transparency and privacy requirements. These measures include removing certain features, introducing new features and strengthening controls over the exchange of personal data.

In conclusion, Google continues to adapt its search services to comply with the standards of the Digital Markets Act in Europe. These changes aim to provide an improved search experience for users while respecting the rules in force in the European Economic Area.

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