Bing uses its new technology to guess your searches [TEST]

Deep Search, a new search feature developed by Bing in collaboration with OpenAI’s GPT-4, is now available to all users. This new experience aims to provide more accurate and tailored search results based on the user’s search intent. After a successful testing phase, Deep Search is now accessible on all browsers, allowing a greater number of people to benefit from this innovative technology.

In-depth research for precise results

Deep Search was designed to answer complex questions that cannot be answered by traditional search engines. Leveraging Bing Index and GPT-4 technology, this feature deeply analyzes the intent behind each query to provide more nuanced and detailed results. Despite a response time of up to 30 seconds, Deep Search offers an enriched and complete user experience.

An improved user experience

In a test conducted by the Devicon team, Deep Search was found to provide more accurate results tailored to users’ search intent. For example, a query on the theme of gardening gave rise to specific results on the parks and gardens of Nantes, thus offering a more personalized experience. Each change in search intent results in a new search and therefore additional loading time, but this allows you to obtain more relevant and adapted results.

Technology at the service of research

Deep Search represents a major advancement in online search by providing more accurate and personalized results to users. Thanks to the collaboration between Bing and GPT-4, this feature allows you to explore complex topics in depth and obtain detailed and relevant information. Available to all users, Deep Search opens new perspectives in online search and promises an improved user experience.

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