Manual anti-spam action: FAQ and solutions!

Google steps up its fight against online spam

Google recently shared details about manual spam actions, aimed at combating aggressive techniques used by some sites that violate spam rules. These actions can have a significant impact on a site’s visibility in search results. Learn how to identify, remediate, and avoid spam penalties.

What is a manual spam action?

Google triggers a manual spam action when a site uses aggressive spamming techniques such as auto-generated content, cloaking, or content hijacking. These actions can affect part or all of the pages of a site, impacting its visibility in the SERPs.

The purpose of manual actions

Google aims to maintain high-quality, relevant search results by combatting spam and manipulation attempts. Manual actions help ensure that people find the information they’re looking for and that legitimate sites get the visibility they deserve.

Identify a spam penalty

To find out if a site has been penalized, simply consult the “manual actions” report in Search Console. Penalties are listed with details of affected pages and detected issues.

Common forms of spam

Google considers techniques such as cloaking, satellite sites, keyword stuffing, and toxic links to be spam. Partial correction of pages is not enough to lift a penalty, it is essential to resolve the problem on the entire site.

Strategies for remediating manual actions

To counter manual action, it is essential to focus on a long-term approach and general improvement of the site, particularly by improving the quality of content. It is essential to follow Google’s guidelines to correct issues and request a review in Search Console.

Restore ranking after manual action

Restoring a site’s ranking can take time. It is important to continue producing quality content and following best practices to promote the reindexing process. Even if a site has been penalized, it is possible to request a review to lift the sanction.

In conclusion, Google is intensifying its fight against online spam by implementing manual actions to sanction sites using abusive techniques. It is essential for webmasters to monitor penalties, adopt long-term strategies to remediate issues, and maintain content quality to avoid manual spam actions.

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