Improve your travels with new Google Maps features!

Google Maps is revolutionizing the travel experience with a series of summer updates in 2024. Discover the new features that will transform the way you plan your getaways.

**Personalized lists for a unique experience**

Google Maps launches recommendation lists for several cities in the United States and Canada, based on reviews from the community and trusted sites. You can now create your own lists on Maps and customize their order to create tailor-made routes.

**Itineraries automatically generated using AI**

A new AI feature in Google Search offers complete travel itineraries, including flights, hotels, local attractions and restaurants. You can even export these plans to Gmail, Docs or Maps for optimal organization.

**Instant translations at your fingertips**

The Circle to Search feature has been updated to enable instant translations on your screen. Now you can translate any displayed content with just the press of a button. A practical innovation for travelers.

**Discover new places intuitively**

Google Maps makes discovering new places easier with reliable, personalized lists of recommendations. As you explore cities like New York or Los Angeles, you’ll have access to listings from the Google Maps community and renowned sites like The Infatuation, Lonely Planet, and The New York Times.

**Create personalized lists and organize your trips**

With the list creation feature on Google Maps, you can organize the places you want to visit and keep track of your previous trips. The recommendations from each list are shareable, for effective organization in groups or on social networks.

**Automatically generated travel ideas**

Google is introducing an experimental feature to its search engine, using AI to generate travel directions. By requesting travel ideas, you’ll get suggestions for flights, accommodations, attractions and restaurants, exportable to Gmail, Docs or Maps for easy planning.

**Instant translations in an instant**

The Circle to Search feature update now allows for instant translations on your screen. A simple long press on the home button or navigation bar will allow you to translate any content displayed. A practical innovation when traveling.

Google Maps continues to innovate to provide an ever more enriching and simplified travel experience. Take advantage of these new features now on Android, and soon on iOS.

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