don’t delete your YouTube videos!

YouTube is warning content creators against removing videos from their channels, noting that it can negatively impact their growth and visibility. It is advisable to favor less radical methods to maximize the growth potential of the chain.

YouTube’s warning to creators: Todd Beaupre, product manager for YouTube’s homepage and recommendations, warns creators against arbitrary removal of videos. According to him, deleting a video could break the connection with the audience, which could harm the growth of the channel. It is recommended to keep videos public or change them to unlisted if necessary.

Consequences of removing videos: YouTube states that removing videos may impact the platform’s recommendation algorithm. Channels that regularly remove their content might be less recommended due to the negative impact on user experience and engagement.

Keep public or go unlisted rather than delete: YouTube advises creators to keep videos public or go unlisted rather than removing them completely. This approach helps maintain a stable video catalog, fostering long-term connections with viewers and making it easier for YouTube’s algorithm to assess the channel’s relevance and engagement. A strategy to take into account for video SEO.

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