Google Updates: Who are the big winners and losers?

Google Update Analysis: Key Factors Revealed by Cyrus Shepard

SEO Cyrus Shepard conducted an in-depth study of 50 sites impacted by recent Google updates. Its objective was to identify the factors associated with significant variations in traffic. The study highlighted 17 key on-page characteristics, which can have a positive or negative impact on visibility on Google.

A careful selection

Among 100 sites analyzed, Cyrus Shepard chose 50 sites showing significant fluctuations in traffic after Google updates. These sites, primarily monetized content sites, experienced traffic variations of up to -67% to +5,595% between August and December 2023.

Key factors to remember

The study identified several on-page factors strongly correlated with visibility on Google. For example, still ads in the footer and autoplay video ads have been negatively associated with traffic. In contrast, using first person pronouns and displaying contact information at the bottom of the page were positively correlated with traffic.

Surprising results

Some of the study’s findings may seem counterintuitive, such as the negative correlation between the presence of a footer search function and traffic. However, these results highlight the importance of certain on-page elements to improve visibility on Google.

In conclusion, Cyrus Shepard’s study provides valuable insight into the key factors that can influence a site’s performance on Google. These results can be useful for SEO professionals looking to optimize their SEO strategy.

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