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IndexNow Insights: A New Era for URL Indexing Analytics in Bing Webmaster Tools

A revolutionary new feature has arrived in Bing Webmaster Tools: IndexNow Insights. This new option provides site owners with in-depth analysis of their URL indexing, allowing them to better understand and optimize their online presence.

Key points to remember:

– Receive detailed reports on URLs submitted via IndexNow
– Identify recently discovered but unindexed links and individual errors
– With over 2.5 billion URLs submitted, IndexNow has become a must-have tool for site owners

IndexNow Insights: comprehensive analysis for better optimization

IndexNow Insights, now integrated into the Bing Webmaster Tools dashboard, provides site owners with in-depth analysis of URLs submitted through IndexNow. This feature provides detailed metrics and reporting on URL indexing performance, going well beyond the legacy “IndexNow” reporting.

This new feature allows users to track progress, identify errors and maximize the impact of their structured data and backlinks. Fabrice Canel revealed at PubCon that 17% of all clicked URLs in Bing SERPs come from IndexNow, demonstrating its growing importance in the SEO world.

Key Features of IndexNow Insights

– Analysis of URL issues and submission status
– Detailed reporting on URLs submitted, crawled and indexed
– Insights on the last 1000 submitted URLs, their indexing status and their first indexing date
– Source URL submissions for better understanding
– “Missing Important URLs” tab to optimize content and resolve technical issues
– Detailed information on individual errors with correction steps

Improvements in Bing Webmaster Tools

In addition to IndexNow Insights, Bing Webmaster Tools now offers “Top SEO Insights” on its main page, providing webmasters with crucial information on their site’s most important SEO issues. This update comes with improved navigation within the tool, providing users with a smoother and more intuitive experience.

In conclusion, IndexNow Insights marks a major advancement in URL indexing analytics, providing site owners with the tools needed to optimize their online presence and improve their visibility in the SERPs.

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