What’s new in Search Console

Google improves rich results reporting for recipes

Google recently made significant changes to the Recipe Rich Results report in Google Search Console. Two new properties, recipeInstructions and recipeIngredient, have been integrated to provide culinary content publishers with more precise analysis of their recipes. These changes are intended to identify potential issues with structured data on ingredients and instructions, particularly for guided recipes.

New properties for more precise analysis

As of March 6, 2024, Google added the recipeInstructions and recipeIngredient properties to the recipe rich results report in Search Console. This update aims to help publishers improve the quality of their recipes by identifying possible gaps or errors in structured data.

Cleaning up the documentation

At the same time, Google has revised its documentation on structured recipe data. Instructions for Guided Recipes, which were previously for the Google Assistant, have been removed. These changes could result in increased warnings in Search Console reports, without publishers having made any changes to their recipes.

How to adapt to these changes

Publishers are recommended to review the updated Recipe Structured Data documentation and adjust their recipes accordingly. For the recipeIngredient property, Google recommends including only the ingredients needed for the recipe, while for recipeInstructions, using HowToStep is recommended to describe the recipe steps.

In conclusion, these changes made by Google aim to improve the quality of structured recipe data and provide a better experience for users. It is therefore essential for cooking publishers to comply with these new requirements to optimize the visibility of their recipes in search results.

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