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Google plans to revolutionize access to information by introducing a paid model for certain AI search features, such as SGE. This decision, if it comes to fruition, would mark a turning point in the history of the technology giant, whose primary mission is to make information accessible to all. This initiative raises concerns among publishers and could change the way users access information online. Find out the reasons behind this decision and the SEO community’s reactions to this announcement.

Towards a subscription model for SGE: a first for Google

According to reports from the Financial Times, Google is considering charging for some of its artificial intelligence-powered search features. This would be a major development for the tech giant, which has always offered access to information for free. The move is driven by the high costs of AI technology and its impact on the traditional advertising-based business model. Search Generative Experience (SGE), which provides direct answers to user queries, requires significantly more computing power than traditional search processes, thereby increasing costs for Google.

Mixed reactions in the SEO community

Reactions to this announcement were not long in coming in the SEO community. Some Internet users express their dissatisfaction with the prospect of having to pay to access the SGE, fearing that it will negatively impact the traffic of many sites. While Google has not yet formalized these changes, the possibility of a subscription model to benefit from AI instant responses could mark a turning point for online search, which has always been free for users until now.

Comparison with other market players

Other companies in the AI ​​research sector already offer paid subscription plans to access advanced features. Services such as ChatGPT, Perplexity, Microsoft’s Copilot or Brave’s Leo assistant offer a paid version of their products to finance the costs generated by AI. Google already offers a paid version of Gemini, with Gemini Advanced, but the introduction of a subscription model for SGE, which is part of the giant’s classic search engine, could represent a new challenge for the company.

In conclusion, the prospect of a paid model for some of Google’s AI search features could change the way users access information online. The move, if it comes to fruition, would mark a major development for the tech giant and is drawing mixed reactions from the SEO community. It remains to be seen whether users will be willing to pay for AI search results, a practice that could disrupt the online search landscape.

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