Users first: absolute priority!

SEO strategy: the importance of focusing on the user rather than Google

The question of the effectiveness of traditional SEO strategies is increasingly being asked, as Google emphasizes the importance of user satisfaction. Some experts believe that Google is smart enough to recognize and reward quality content, while others advocate an approach focused on technical optimization, content and backlinks.

An alternative approach, proposed by Kevin Indig, is to combine SEO, CRO and market research to maximize results. Indeed, conversion rate optimization relies on understanding user needs, experimentation, and focusing on business goals. This approach would better meet user expectations than traditional SEO.

The article also highlights the limitations of traditional methods, such as search volume analysis, which can sometimes be inaccurate or outdated. However, technical SEO remains essential to avoid drops in organic traffic due to indexing errors.

In conclusion, it is recommended to focus on what users actually want, rather than blindly following Google algorithm updates. An approach integrating CRO and market research could be the key to achieving sustainable and relevant results in the world of SEO.

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