new tools in French to check the information!

Google is stepping up its fight against online misinformation this International Fact-Checking Day. The firm announces the expansion of its “About this result” and “About this image” tools in 40 new languages, including French, to provide more context to users during their online searches.

About this page: a window into site reliability

The “About this result” feature allows users to get contextual information about websites displayed in search results, even before clicking. This initiative aims to make searching for information safer by providing details about the source, personalization of results and reliability of sites.

About this image: check images online

Google also offers the “About this image” feature to check the context of images online. By accessing various information such as index date, originating site, and other sites displaying the image, users can evaluate the visual reliability of online content.

Easily find fact-checking

Thanks to Google, it’s now easier to find fact-checking articles from independent, authoritative sources. If relevant to the user’s query, these articles may appear in search results to quickly provide the context needed to evaluate a piece of information, claim or rumor.

Explore with Fact Check Explorer

The Fact Check Explorer tool is an essential resource for journalists and fact-checkers, allowing them to quickly find fact-checks conducted by independent organizations around the world. This feature now includes image verification, providing an additional layer of verification for information circulating online.

In conclusion, Google is strengthening its commitment to the truth of information online by expanding access to its fact-checking tools in many languages, thus facilitating the fight against disinformation and the spread of false news on the Internet.

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