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Google reveals its latest news: AVIF images, advertising impact, About and Contact Us pages, and Core Web Vitals scores

Google is preparing support for images in AVIF format in its search engine. This development comes after WordPress added this support, following Apple’s example. Tests showed that some searches in Google Images returned AVIF files, suggesting ongoing experimentation.

The presence of advertisements on a website does not prevent it from ranking well in search results, according to Google’s Danny Sullivan. However, he highlights the importance of finding a balance between monetization and user experience to maintain good rankings.

John Mueller recommends not removing Contact Us and About pages from a site, even if they are not explicitly required according to official Google documentation. These pages help ensure a good user experience.

Finally, John Mueller advises not focusing solely on Core Web Vitals scores to improve a site’s ranking in search results. Achieving a perfect score does not guarantee a better ranking, these scores should be considered as indicators among others.

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