journalism in danger or in the midst of a revolution? #AI

Google invests in artificial intelligence to support quality journalism

Google recently struck deals with small publishers to integrate its generative AI tools into the article creation process. This initiative, launched as part of the Google News Initiative, aims to help publishers produce content more efficiently by aggregating information from various sources. Despite the concerns raised, Google assures that these tools do not replace human journalistic work, but complement it.

Agreements worth tens of thousands of dollars annually have been made with publishers for the use of AI tools for writing articles. These tools, currently in beta, allow publishers to create aggregated content by indexing and summarizing reports published by other organizations. Google says these tools are designed to help small, local publishers produce quality journalism using factual data from public sources.

Publishers participating in the program are paid a five-figure sum annually, in exchange for regularly publishing articles and newsletters. The use of AI does not require disclosure from publishers, but Google emphasizes that these tools are not intended to replace the role of journalists, but to help them in their work.

This move by Google, while potentially controversial, is part of a broader trend of using AI in journalism. As the company affirms its commitment to quality journalism, the impact of this AI integration will be closely scrutinized for its ethical implications and its influence on the global media landscape.

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