end of ChatGPT plugins!

OpenAI announces the closure of the beta phase of ChatGPT plugins in March 2024, marking a crucial step towards the adoption and development of GPTs. What implications for the future of this revolutionary conversational AI?

End of the beta phase of ChatGPT plugins: what to remember
From March 19, 2024, creating new conversations with existing plugins will no longer be possible. Users will nevertheless be able to continue using their existing conversations until April 9, 2024. OpenAI, with its hundreds of thousands of GPTs, plans an expansion of the GPT Store in various areas.

Towards a new era of GPTs
GPTs now offer all the functionalities of existing plugins, enriched with new features. The transition to the GPT Store aims to centralize and improve access to AI-based tools, facilitating the development and use of more sophisticated and integrated applications. This decision by OpenAI responds to a growing demand for better integrated and efficient solutions, and aims to improve the user experience.

A promising future for the GPT Store?
The discontinuation of ChatGPT plugins marks only the beginning of a major evolution in the field of conversational artificial intelligence. With the GPT Store, OpenAI is committed to providing a more robust and diverse platform, providing new opportunities for developers and users. Remember that OpenAI provides comprehensive resources to support developers in creating their own GPTs, with detailed technical documentation and guidelines to optimize the use of the new features available.

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