Brave launches its Leo assistant for incredible features!

Brave revolutionizes the user experience on Android with the arrival of Leo, its integrated AI assistant. After the success on desktop, this update aims to facilitate navigation and content creation while preserving user privacy. Check out Leo’s awesome features like translation, video transcription, and code generation, available in Brave version 1.63.

Leo, a daily companion for mobile users

The Leo AI assistant comes to Android to offer users an improved experience in web browsing and mobile productivity. With its versatility and advanced capabilities, Leo is able to summarize web pages, translate content, schedule activities and much more, right from the address bar of the Brave browser.

Mixtral 8x7B: high quality answers

With the integration of the Mixtral 8x7B language model, Leo guarantees relevant and accurate answers, while reducing bias and errors. This quintessential language model allows Leo to interact in multiple languages, generate code, and improve the quality of user interactions.

Leo Premium: an enriched and secure offer

Brave also offers Leo as a Premium version, giving users additional features and an improved user experience for a monthly subscription of $14.99. This plan allows you to cover up to 5 different devices while guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of user data.

Privacy and security at the heart of the Leo experience

All interactions with Leo are private and secure, with no recording of conversations or use of data for model training. The requests are anonymized and the responses ephemeral, respecting the privacy of users.

How to enjoy Leo on Android?

To access Leo, simply update your Brave browser to version 1.63 and use the service directly from the address bar or via the chat available on the page. Note that Leo will also be available on iOS in the coming weeks.

In short, Brave reinvents the user experience on Android with the arrival of Leo, a versatile and secure AI assistant, offering advanced features to improve users’ productivity and web browsing.

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