AI and updates: Reliable SEO Goossips!

Google: the latest news from the search engine

How does Google determine the trustworthiness of content? Are simultaneous algorithm updates common at Google? Does it make sense to use AI to compensate for lost traffic? Here is a summary of recent information provided by official Google spokespersons on various informal channels.

Determining the trustworthiness of content: Google’s Danny Sullivan explains that the trustworthiness of content is assessed based on web consensus. However, there is no simple answer to this question. It is advisable to provide reliable information to please Google users and systems.

Concurrent updates: Google generally avoids simultaneous algorithm updates, but exceptions can occur. For example, the Core Update and the March 2024 Spam Update were launched on the same day. The quality of results remains a priority.

Use of AI: Google’s John Mueller advises against artificially inflating a site’s content with AI to compensate for lost traffic. It is best to prioritize quality and sustainability, even if this means redesigning the current site for a long-term project.

In conclusion, Google continues to shed light on its operation and practices, offering valuable advice to SEO professionals. Stay informed to stay in step with the latest developments in the search engine.

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