Google attacked in Europe!

A coalition of more than 30 European media outlets files a complaint against Google for anti-competitive practices

An unprecedented legal action has been launched by more than 30 European media groups against Google, seeking €2.1 billion in damages for abuse of a dominant position in the online advertising market. This initiative marks a turning point in the fight against the supremacy of the web giants.

European media united against Google

Big names in European media, such as Axel Springer and Alma Media, have joined together to file a complaint against Google in the Netherlands. The accusation relates to the abuse of Google’s dominant position in the online advertising sector, already sanctioned by the French Competition Authority in 2021. The media are demanding damages to compensate for the losses suffered due to the Google’s anticompetitive practices.

The legal bases of the legal action

The complaint builds on previous European Union decisions and investigations regarding Google’s practices. It refers in particular to a fine of 220 million euros imposed by the French Competition Authority on Google in 2021, as well as an ongoing investigation by the European Commission. These elements led the media to claim 2.1 billion euros in damages.

Centralized action in the Netherlands

The media coalition chose the Amsterdam District Court as the venue to file its complaint, with the aim of ensuring consistent and cost-effective handling of the dispute. Google has already announced that it will contest the complaint, calling it “speculative and opportunistic.” »

The challenges for the AdTech sector

This legal action raises the challenges facing traditional media in the face of the domination of digital platforms. It highlights the importance of a fair and competitive online advertising market to support diverse and quality journalism in Europe.

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