End of Spam Update! 🔥

Google recently completed its Spam Update launched at the beginning of the month, after 15 days of deployment. This update aims to combat large-scale content abuse, expired domain abuse, and site reputation abuse. Two of the new policies were immediately put in place, while the third will take effect in May. At the same time, the Core Update is still in progress.

End of Spam Update for March 2024

Google’s Spam Update, launched on March 5 and completed on March 20, introduced significant changes to combat online spam. Three new policies aimed at improving the quality of search results have been put in place, directly impacting the ranking of infringing websites.

New anti-spam policies

Google has strengthened its anti-spam measures with the introduction of three new policies. These changes aim to penalize abusive practices and improve users’ search experience. Sites in violation of these policies risk seeing their visibility reduced or even being deindexed.

Impact on websites and search results

With the end of the Spam Update, site owners and SEO specialists can now assess the impact of the changes on their online visibility. Some sites experienced a drop in ranking, while others saw an increase in visibility following this update.

The Core Update is still in progress

In parallel with the Spam Update, Google’s Core Update, which began at the same time, is still in progress. This update aims to integrate the evaluation of “useful content” into the search algorithm, which could impact the ranking of many sites.

Source: Google Search Status Dashboard, updated 03/20/2024

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